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Measurement Instruments Inc. is located in Kenner La.

M.i.i. is a sales and service company that specializes in Measurement of Liquid substances, Primarily crude oil.

M.i.i. Manufactures Meter Proving Electronic counters and Other proving Equipment.

Mii PPC-20 Dual Prover Counter Brochure

Mii PP-1000 Photo Pulser Brochure

M.i.i. Has an Exchange program for Most Smith Meter Accessories, Including:

Right Angle Drives
"Type D" Transmitters
PEX and PEXP Transmitters
PST & PPST Transmitters
UPT Transmitters
200 Series Non Reset Counters

M.i.i also has a Complete Electronics Repair Facility, Capable of Repairing most any Electronics related to a L.A.C.T. Unit.

Measurement Instruments Inc.
35 W. 3rd St. Kenner, La. 70062 (504)-468-9672

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